Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The IMDB crawl

I'm on the computer in my school's computer lab because, well, I'm bored as hell. It's finals week, my mind is burned out, and I just need to let my mind relax and not be on hyper-tense mode all the time. So I'm on IMDB checking out my favorite actors and I go to Christian Bale's page. And I'm shocked. Somewhat excited. I would've screamed if it was socially appropriate for me to do that in a group setting.
Christian Bale is rumored to be in the new Terminator movie as John Connor. WHOA! Crazy! I haven't seen Terminator III yet, but dude. Christian Bale killing robots and protecting the human race from complete cyborginaztion. I don't even know if "cyborginaztion" is a word, but it deserves to be if Christian Bale is John Connor. Even though I have a sneaking feeling it's kind of going to be like Equilibrium, but with a slightly better plot.
Also on my Christian Bale search, I saw the character posters for I'm Not There, which I still haven't seen. Cate Blanchet looks amazing as Dylan though, the best out of all of them. Why haven't seen this movie yet? Oh yeah, I'm poor as fuck.