Wednesday, March 12, 2008

30 Days of Night

I had waited and waited and prayed for this film to come. I finally go home and put it into my mini DVD player (small but intimate), and I watched.

The hype behind this picture touts that it is the 'scariest vampire movie ever made'.

I, on the other hand, feel used. No. I feel like a tool. This was not that scary. It was not even terrifying like the graphic novels.

I felt like I was watching 28 Days Later again. Bored. Everything about this cinematic experience was anti-climatic.

I question why I buy into so much hype all the time. The Blair Witch, Kindred: the Embraced, 28 Days Later, and now my favorite read 30 Days of night has become monuments to my shame.

My shame is that I will buy into anything with a fang and some blood (or an unknown bump in the night)in it.

I did not like the way this story was rewritten for the silver screen:

1. Stella and Eben were in love in the books. In the movie, they are a seperated and on the virge of divorce.

2. Josh Hartnett, while a great actor, was not suited to play Eben. Just too cute, I guess, but that is my opinion. I would have chosen someone less boyish looking and more mature.

3. Eben has no brother to lose in this story. Why did they add a character and then erase everything else?

4. Marlowe, Iris, Lilith, had more lines in the graphic novels and did not speaks in howls and grunts. They were perfect consumate killing machines with brains who knew english.

Maybe I am asking to much, but when you adapt a story for the silver screen it should be done more respectfully.

My name is Jacqueline and I am just saying.

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