Monday, March 17, 2008

WTF!?: Akira

The anime film Akira is a classic, as well as the graphic novel that inspired it. I'm a huge fan, and that actually reminds me some punk has my DVD. Need to get that back...regardless, it's a fantastic film. And now I'm scared because apparently they want to make it into a two-part live action film.

Ruairi Robinson is directing the two films, and his previous shorts show he might be able to pull this off. His work is gritty and violent, kinda like Akira. He's apparently pitched the film as a cross between Blade Runner and City of God. Blade Runner is a fitting film to go with in making this, especially since they plan on Americanizing the story and changing the setting from post-apocolyptic Toyko to New Manhattan.

Leonardo Di Caprio and Jason Gordan Levitt are attached, with Leo also producing alongside the Warner Brothers crew. Jason Gordan is rumored to be playing Tetsuo, the leader of a motorcycle gang who gains psychokinetic powers. Leo is playing the main character Kaneda. The adapters plan on going back to the original magna rather than the anime script, which will be a lot more detailed. The two films should provided more back story and build-up than the anime film.

But honestly, how the hell is this going to work? The anime is so surreal and futuristic that I think special effects would take away from the overall ambiance surrounding the story. Who the hell would Leo play? How the hell would this work? How are they going to pull of the ending? Is this going to be like all those shitty remakes of Japanese horror films?



Jacqueline said...

They can't do this to AKIRA!! No! I love that movie. Akira was my first introduction into anime.

Why do they have to fuck with this one?

Dominick M. said...

Also, weren't they all teenagers in the manga? I find that funny if they keep with that, because Leo's just finally started to look like a grown man, too...