Monday, January 21, 2008

DC vs. Marvel: The Battles Rages On (Part 1)

So, confession time. I'm a huge comic book nerd. Like, I have boxes of comics. I have superhero posters galore. I do enjoy Marvel comics, but my heart is for the man that is DC. And, because of that, I am SOOOO excited about the movies each body is putting out soon. Here's a quick blow by blow on who's working on what. And for those who don't know what I'm ranting about, I've provided many a link:

The Dark Knight - Well, I think everyone knows about this film. Honestly, it looks so amazing right now. I like they way Christopher Nolan is taking the Batman franchise and asking, "What if Batman really did exist in our society?" I mean, we're not going to see people jumping around in spandex down Michigan. We would see something more urban, more gritty. These people wouldn't have access to crazy guns and tanks like in a cartoon. They would use what they could find or steal. There's no crazy Adam West Batman shit going on in Nolan's Batman. The Joker looks fantastic too. Kudos to Heath. I will forever love Jack's Joker, but it's nice to see what it would be like if the Joker's insanity tried to conquer Chicago/Gotham. And who could Anthony Michael Hall be? He's been paid up the butt to keep the secret. Maybe the Riddler? Not Robin. God, I want to see this movie now! Why must I wait!?

Justice League of America - I don't know. The way this film is shaping up, it looks pretty shitty. Nolan has already said he wants no involvement in this picture, which kind of worries me. And the casting for it has been pretty shitty. I don't think I could see anyone else playing Batman other than Christian Bale. And they're using the black Lantern!? Dude, everyone knows John Stewart sucks balls. I mean, they use him in the television series now too, but Hal Jordan people!!! He IS Green Lantern. Unless you're doing some Spectre tie-in with this shit, then don't use Stewart! And if they handle Doomsday in the same way they handled Galactus in Rise of the Silver Surfer, I think I might puke. I repeat, Galactus is not a cloud people! And why the hell is Talia al Ghul even in this movie? Why is George Miller directing this and not Brian Singer? Why is this movie going to suck so bad? The one upside though is that Superman is supposedly going to die in this one. Fuck yeah.

Wonder Woman - Despite the fact that IMDB says this is coming out in 2009, I doubt it. It's changed cast and crew so many times in the last year that it's unlikely that it'll be ever made. Which could be a good thing? I don't know, I was never a huge fan of Wonder Woman. She's kind of a bitch. She pretends she's all tough and as soon as Superman walks in a room she drops her pants. I think Black Canary's a way better female figure for comic books. Plus, her boobs are huge. Like seriously, they're epic. But back to Wonder Woman. I think Jessica Biel would play a good Wonder Woman. She was even rumored to have been playing her for a bit, but there's been no talk recently. She just has this look where she's strong but feminine at the same time. I mean, she's not super Greek, but that could be a good thing? And I wonder who the villain would be. Maybe the Cheetah and her def posse? I just don't know if that kind of villain could carry a movie.

The Flash - Supposedly to come out this year? Yeah right? I want it to though. I love the Flash. He's like the comic relief in the Justice League, other than Plastic Man. You've got the Batman/Superman rivalry that seems to flare up every time there's a problem. The sexual tension between Superman and Wonder Woman. The occasional lover's fight between Green Arrow and Black Canary. And then the Green Lantern Corp, well who knows when one might flip? The Flash always seems to stay neutral but witty. I think Ryan Reynolds would be perfect as the Flash. He's funny in the same type of humor that the Flash has, but also can pull it together in a tight situation. According with one IMDB plot synopsis, the Flash is going to have to deal with Hal Jordan going ape shit. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? My friend and I always had this conversation over who would win in a fight, Hal Jordan or the Flash? If the Flash was on his A-game, he could probably win. Just throw his yellow shoe right at Jordan and it would be a no-contest. But Jordan has the most powerful weapon in the galaxy...we'll see. I hope it gets made.

Ronin - There isn't a lot of information about this movie yet, but it will certainly be made. Frank Miller's shit is hot right now. At first Daren Aronofsky was rumored to have been making this, though now I guess the guy who did Stomp the Yard is going to? What? That's like saying, "Well I could have this filet mignon but I think I'll pick McDonald's instead." The story in the graphic novel is so complexed that I think it would take a fantastic storyteller like Aronofsky to properly do it. And after seeing The Fountain, I know he can make a visually stunning movie on next to nothing, something that Ronin might have to face.

Watchmen - I'm scared of this movie for several reasons. One, Alan Moore. His work is so amazing, but so often fucked up. I wrote a whole article about this a while back, but I'll repeat. He's written From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Constantine, and V for Vendetta. Now there's a special place in my heart for all these films but let's face it, they suck. Especially when compared to the graphic novels. Moore has a complex way of storytelling just like Miller. Well, even more so than Miller. I just don't want to see this one get messed up. And (here's reason two) the only reason I see it getting fucked up is because of Zac Snyder. One word: 300. Made a lot of cash, but sucked. The cast is pretty good however. And the pictures of the sets look straight out of the comic book. So I hope it turns out well. Oh God I hope so.

Sin City 2
- As long as Clive Owen comes back and Robert and Quentin keep doing what they're doing, then it's all good. I'm glad most of the cast has come back though. I like consistency in a series like this. Seeing someone play a character that's already been introduced by another actor is just weird.

More comic book rantings about the Marvel side in Part 2.

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Dominick M. said...

I second you entirely on Watchmen. That's easily my favorite comic/graphic novel/book of all time, and if Snyder doesn't get it right, a lot of people will be calling for his blood. Though, to be fair, 300 was just about a shot-for-shot adaptation of the book, which was really just a well-drawn coffee table book.