Monday, January 14, 2008

Zeitgeist v. My Relatives

So I was MySpace creeping some of my friends out of boredom when I came across this "trailer" on my friend's page:

Holy crap, if I showed this to my relatives, they would disown me for good. But it looks like a really interesting documentary. The website doesn't have a lot of information about the release and everything, but I would totally go see it. How can you show the origin of so many prophet stories through old astrological calendars? So many questions going through my head now! I need to know more!

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alexandra said...

As one of the newest member's of the blog, I feel it is my duty to comment on this post. I'm at work, & watched it without sound. I do that often. I see it as a way to test the visual merits of a clip, video, comedic sketch, etc. Here, even the trailer WITHOUT sound was enough to completely peak my interest. I'm right there with Amy on this- I'd buy a ticket to see this any day of the week. And twice on Sunday.