Sunday, January 20, 2008

OK, so this is not really a FILM per se, and it's not even released yet (expected release date 3.8.09) but I love the entire concept, so you get to hear about it. In fact, I liked the idea so much I signed up as an "Executive Producer" !!! (Fine, so anyone who donates $1 will be listed as a producer in the credits.)

I ran across the trailer for it at and decided to get in touch to see if I could volunteer in anyway, besides donating $1. The director gets back to me, and we talk on the phone for almost 2 hours! He tells me all about the birth of the concept, where they are now, and the long-term, 5-phase plan. You can read all about it at (and you can even join my crew if you donate under my producer page at

The long and short of it is that the director, Nirvan Mullick, started the idea while in school to celebrate the amount of effort it takes to create one second of animation. The entire film will be just ONE SECOND long! How freakin' cool is that?! OK, I'm getting carried away, I know, but I am thrilled about it! And the goal is to have the largest collaboration in history, so all the people who donate even a buck to help finance it will be listed in the credits.

How long will the credits be? you ask. Long. They're saying it will take roughly one and a half hours to run all the credits, during which they play a "making of" documentary about all the people that have helped create this collaborative project. A way to get people involved, make it big and grass-roots at the same time (my words, not his) and do something they all love, which is make art and film. It's inspiring me to start painting all my walls and make my own one second film... but I need 20 more walls to get started... Any ideas?

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