Monday, February 25, 2008

About Last Night . . .

The 80th annual Academy award show came and went. Did anyone see it? Does anybody care?

Well, I RAGE, bka from now on Jacqueline, watched the show was pleasantly surprised and flabbergasted at the same time by how everything drowned on and on and on . . .

Hollywood's elite, the cream of the crop, voted in a secret process to see who gets Oscar. I was pleasantly suprised to see Tilda Swinton win Best supporting actor. Even thought i had not seen the movie Michael Clayton, I did love her in Orlando and Constantine. It was called Europes night at the Oscars because most of the winners where European. What a drag for America.

I cannot wait to see No Country for Old Men and American Ganster; The diving Bell and the Butterfly, Sweeney Todd, and maybe Michael Clayton if I am bored.

So, the question is left : Jacqueline why did you watch the Oscars if you don't even know about any of the movies or nominations?

Well, I snubbed the Oscars the year of Brokeback Mountain. I didn't watch it, and I missed the moment of lifetime when 3 Six Mafia won for best song. Did you see Barbara Streisand's face all scrunch up and uncomfortable on live TV that year? I saw it on the news--man i could have seen that stuff live.

Oh I live for that kind of funny haha. Hollywood's elite at there finest and most human. hm.


Dominick M. said...

I watched the entire thing; I had some money riding on it. I didn't think it was as bad as past years, for I remember the 5-hour telecast a few years back, but I just felt like most of the big winners were really obvious (and I'm sorry, but Cate Blanchett was too good as Bob Dylan to not win Supporting Actress), and it just lacked excitement, more than usual. Still wasn't as bad as the year Crash beat Brokeback Mountain, though. Other than Three Six winning, that was the most pointless night ever.

RAGE said...

Well said.