Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Review: The Unborn

While everyone else has their ears turned toward the Oscar Buzz, I decided to go see a film that (more than likely) will never be acknowledged as an actual triumph in cinema.

THE UNBORN is the story of a girl named Casey who almost has it all: a loyal best friend, a loyal boyfriend, and a good life ahead of her. She begins to become plagued by strange nightmares and visions of mortal terror.

Her best friend dabbles in mysticism and tells her the dreams could mean anything. A strange incident happens in which a small boy that Casey is babysitting violently strikes her with a mirror in the face and tells her the ominus words "JUMBY wants to be born now."

JUMBY is a dybbuk (Jewish word for demon) that has assumed the form of her unborn twin brother and is using the girl to enter our world via mirrors.

Casey uncovers family secrets and a curse on her bloodline that dates back to the Holocaust. What began before Casey was born, the dybbuk wants to finish. It wants to use Casey to enter the human world and is willing to go through everyone that is close to her to do that.

At times, this movie reminded me of THE REAPING with Hillary Swank. The stories seemed similar to me in that A) a nonbeliever finds faith in the most harshest possible way and B) a young woman is the focal point in which supernatural events are set in motion. It also had hints of THE RING and THE EXCORCIST in it. I won't say whether this ends well or not.

The film itself was enjoyable. It is the perfect date movie for a quiet dark theater. However, I was not in a quiet dark theater. So, my review for this film is somehow skewed by my memory of little tween girls screaming, belching, farting, giggling, talking, yelling, and being absolutely, completely bitch ass ignorant through out the whole film. But, I digress.

The special effects were choice in this movie. People with twisted heads walking backwards on all fours will haunt my nightmares. Or maybe if I concentrate, they can eat the little tweens that made me waste soda on myself.

I can only wonder.

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